I will admit, I was a lazy bones about dinner last week.  My husband was out of town the entire week, I had two birthday celebrations and I taught a class one evening.  So, Mr. Picky ate a few leftovers and random dinners like pasta with meat sauce one night.  But yesterday the South Korean exchange student we are hosting for the next three weeks arrived and I need to get back into the groove so I can make a good impression ;).  And uphold my reputation because apparently he and his family watched my Youtube videos before he arrived LOL!

Here’s your menu for the week.  Have a safe and fun Halloween!

HALLOWEEN: Veggie chili with toppings bar: cheddar, greek yogurt, brown rice, hot sauce, avocado, cornbread, pumpkin magic bars

Tuesday: Smoky braised lentils with turkey sausage, arugula salad with lemon-tahini dressing

Wednesday: Stir-fried ginger beef with shiitake mushrooms, rice or cauli-rice

Thursday: Asian-marinated baked chicken from chowhound, asian noodle salad

Friday: Spice-rubbed wild salmon, salt and vinegar potatoes, sautéed spinach

Saturday lunch: broccoli soup, cheese toast (I will use Kite Hill almond milk ricotta for me)

Sunday: Slow-cooker whole chicken, shredded sweet potatoes and apples, green salad


Here’s what you can do ahead of time if you need to:


Soak and cook beans for veggie chili

Soak brown rice for veggie chili

Make dry mix for cornbread

Make pumpkin bars

Make lemon-tahini dressing


Make marinade for beef stir-fry

Wash and slice mushrooms for stir-fry

Make marinade for Asian chicken, marinate chicken

Make dressing for Asian noodle salad

Shred cabbage for Asian noodle salad

Make spice mixture for salmon


Make stock for soup (veggie stock recipe or chicken stock recipe)

Prep broccoli stalks for soup

Friday or Saturday

Salt chicken when you get home from the market

Wash greens for salad

Make dressing for salad


Here’s a link to all my previous dinner planners.

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  1. I realize I am commenting on an old post. Still I enjoyed reading this article. I hope to catch more of your works!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you’re a reference for me! I’m an avid cook and generally pay attention to ingredients, seasonal produce, the kind of meats I buy, etc. But aside from that, I love to see what products you suggest and, whenever you post them, your Friday Favorites. As we get close to Thanksgiving, i wanted you to know that I’m grateful for your blog!

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Martha. Nice to hear from you and I hope you will stay in touch.

  3. Would a spicy sausage work with this instead of the sweeter one?

    • It would be delicious!

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