Dinner Planner – Week of November 28, 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I honestly did not care as much about the food, even though I certainly spent time planning and cooking.  I was overjoyed to have two of my kids home with us for the whole week and for Thanksgiving. There is truly nothing better in my opinion.  One of my turkeys turned out amazing and one cooked much faster than I anticipated and had to rest for way too long, and I thought ended up slightly dry.  But I truly did not get the least flustered because I was enjoying the day so much.  I typed up all my notes and things I learned and I am sharing it all in this Monday’s newsletter!  If you aren’t signed up for my free newsletter, you are missing out! Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Turkey Pot Pie with Biscuits Recipe

Happy Almost Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but the day after Thanksgiving, I am NOT in the mood to cook.  Depending on what we have leftover, we reheat; we repurpose leftovers; or we order in and supplement with leftovers. Go get yourself a tube of refrigerated biscuits and plan on a “flexible” pot pie in the days after Thanksgiving!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of November 21, 2022

Two of my three kids are coming home and I am giddy with excitement!  I am really, really looking forward to the whole week and especially Thanksgiving!  **I’ll have my entire menu and detailed timeline included in Monday’s newsletter. My newsletter is FREE, so subscribe if you like exclusive content! **Last call for my Thanksgiving Ebook – friends, we are very close to the big day and if you have even a HINT of anxiety, this ebook is worth every penny (BTW, it’s only $15 and will save you HOURS of precious, valuable time and make you a Thanksgiving goddess!) **For my monthly online subscribers, I’m so glad you are loving the new Thanksgiving class! Yay!  Our second live “office hours” is this Tuesday at 9:00 am PT. Bring ALL your questions!! Check your email for the zoom link. **This week’s dinner planner includes the easiest pre-Thanksgiving dinners + some ideas for leftovers. Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Roasted Fall Vegetables Agrodolce Recipe

Agrodolce in Italian means sweet and sour (technically sour and sweet) and refers to the delicious vinegar and syrup glaze that gets poured on the vegetables after they are roasted to perfection. I taught this recipe in last year’s Thanksgiving class and made it for Thanksgiving at my home as well.  I was looking at my notes from last year which said, “sooooo delicious! Everyone loved it.  Make again next year.”  Done!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of November 14, 2022

Happy Weekend!  I am visiting my mom this weekend on Long Island where we will be attending a conference honoring my father and the work he did on behalf of the Italian community. I’m sure it will be a beautiful tribute to my father, whom we miss very much every day. 

In other news, if you have not finalized your Thanksgiving menu, I am giving you a nudge.  If you need help and you have decision-overload, my 2022 Thanksgiving Ebook is for you.  It’s only $15.  What is your time worth? How many hours will you spend searching for recipes and turkey tips and googling what you can make ahead and freeze?  I did it all for you and put it in one PDF. You can print the whole thing or print out just the recipes and tips you need.  Another tip, if there is a recipe you want to make for Thanksgiving, but you’ve never made it before, this is a good week to try it!

Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Pear Frangipane Tart Recipe

My friend Sarah brought a pear frangipane tart to my house for dinner one day and I initially was not wowed by the look of it. Until I tried it. And then I became obsessed with recreating it at home because it was one of the most delicious desserts I had ever tasted (and you know how much I love chocolate!) I successfully came up with a recipe that was just as tasty, almondy, not too sweet, and a hit with everyone who tasted it!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of November 7, 2022

Hello friends!  I have a couple of announcements: on Monday, November 7th I am doing a special Instagram Live with Evite, and I’ll be sharing ooodles of entertaining tips.  It should be fun and helpful!

My Thanksgiving 2022 class is available! I am always surprised when people tell me they didn’t know I taught classes.  YES! That’s what I do! I don’t teach in person anymore, but I have been teaching online since well before the pandemic.  Join me this month if you need a little extra inspiration and guidance.  The menu is brand-new, never before published and it’s fabulous!

If you don’t need a class, but you need a Thanksgiving manual, grab my 2022 Thanksgiving ebook. EVERYTHING you need to know is in this PDF!  In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, this is the time to test out new recipes, not on Thanksgiving Day.  Consider adding them into your dinner planner.  Here’s my dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Red Onion, and Grapes Recipe

We all love roasted vegetables. They taste delicious and they’re easy.  But for the holidays or entertaining, it’s nice to add a little something extra to basic roasted vegetables.  How about grapes??  Trust me on this one. They’re not quite expected, but they’re like sweet little juicy nuggets that enhance bitter vegetables like Brussels sprouts.  I am on a mission to get people to love vegetables and eat more of them.  And this recipe is a winner!Continue reading