Dinner Planner – Week of May 16, 2022

Instagram Live on Monday will be with my friend Chrissy Roth, whom I dub “Plant-based Chrissy.” We’ve done lives together before and I’m excited to have her step in for Hubs on Monday. If you take my monthly online class, your all-new May class was uploaded last week and I’ve been getting great feedback already, so make sure you watch! It’s a breakfast/brunch theme and there’s lots of great info as well as 5 all-new recipes!  Get your questions ready, because our monthly zoom is on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:00 pm PST.  You can also submit any questions to me beforehand and I can answer them during the live and then you can watch the recording!  Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse Recipe

I have shared with you recipes for plant-based chocolate pudding made with tofu, avocados, and sweet potatoes (in Kitchen Matters.) If you know me, you know I love chocolate any which way.  According to Dr. Andrew Weil and many others, dark chocolate is a superfood.  So to combine one superfood with another is a true WIN-WIN!  My latest obsession is aquafaba chocolate mousse, a plant-based treat which uses canned chickpea liquid as the base.  Stay with me!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of May 9, 2022

In advance of Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who is a mother or mother-to-be!  If you are missing your mom this weekend, I am holding space in my heart for you.  I know how hard it is to lose a parent. If you need to nudge your loved ones to make you something special, check out last week’s dinner planner for some lovely and healthy-ish brunch ideas.  For my monthly online cooking class students, your May class was uploaded this week.  It is a breakfast/brunch theme!  If you want to join my fabulous cooking class community, we’d love to have you and I would love to help you be a better and healthier cook!  Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Branzino Fillets with Green Olive and Fennel Tapenade Recipe

Happy almost-Mother’s Day and almost-graduation and Holy Communion and there’s a lot happening right now! I don’t know about you, but I tend to entertain more in the spring and summer and I am always looking for new recipes since I tend to have the same people over again and again.  Because my husband and I tend to lean towards a plant-based + fish diet, I always serve fish when I have guests.  Branzino fillets are one of my go-to’s because they cook super quick and they have a mild flavor. I usually serve them with a simple relish or sauce and that’s an easy entree!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of May 2, 2022

Lots of fun this week, friends!  First of all, this is probably your last chance to take a bootcamp live with me!  This week I am repeating two fantastic bootcamps that you do not want to miss – Raising Healthy Eaters and Entertaining with Ease!

I am also excited to eat all the Mexican food I can handle on Cinco de Mayo and I am hoping Hubs and my son make me something delicious and healthy on Mother’s Day!  Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Sheet Pan Cauliflower Taco “Meat” Recipe

Looking for a plant-based taco recipe that doesn’t involve ultra-processed fake meat?  Me too!  I am really over all the fake meat products.  But I also understand that sometimes swapping cauliflower for meat is not going to cut it in terms of satiety.  This mixture of cauliflower rice, hemp seeds and finely chopped nuts + the perfect seasoning blend is satisfying and totally flavorful.  It passed the test with Mr. Picky who can eat practically the entire sheet pan himself!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of April 25, 2022

Big news!  I am bringing back two of my best bootcamps beginning the first week in May – Entertaining with Ease and Raising Healthy Eaters!!  I am probably not going to be offering bootcamps live again for the foreseeable future, so if you enjoy the one-on-one attention from taking the bootcamps with me and the support from the group, do not hesitate to take either or both of these! Both of these bootcamps will take the ANXIETY out of both entertaining at home and feeding your kids.  I promise, you will feel lighter, less stressed, and you will actually have a total attitude shift after these bootcamps.  I’m offering $100 off with coupon code EWE100 for Entertaining with Ease and code KIDS100 for Raising Healthy Eaters. Can’t wait to see you in class! Here’s your dinner planner for the week: 

Continue reading

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Oh my gosh, I am excited about this recipe!!  My whole family goes gaga for all fried rice dishes but this one is hands-down their favorite.  It is a total flavor party!!  In fact, I make it for my son one a week and reheat it for school lunch.  I’ve eaten kimchi fried rice with an egg or tofu for breakfast and it is an ideal way for me to start the day.  If you have never bought kimchi before, this is your invitation!Continue reading