Sadly, this is our last week together as a family of five.  🙁  My older daughter is going away to a summer study program next week and then she’s going directly to school. So that means I have to cook some good stuff for her this week before she has to eat dining hall food every day.  The peach pie jars are her favorite and really easy to whip up.  We don’t eat dessert after dinner during the week as a rule, but this peach dessert is so clean and the peaches are INSANE right now.  Plus, I’m being a cool mom this week.


Here’s your dinner planner for the week:

Meatless Monday: Grilled naan veggie pizzas, warm peach pie pots for dessert (To make pizzas place naan on a heated grill and cook for a couple of minutes on either side.  Remove from grill, add your toppings and place in a 375 degree oven until cheese is melted.  You can use traditional pizza sauce or pesto is delicious as well.  I love summer veggie toppings like tomatoes, sautéed eggplant, zucchini and spinach.)

Tuesday: Deconstructed guacamole salad, grilled chicken (use fajita marinade)

Wednesday: Watermelon tomato and feta saladsummer corn soup with shrimp from Sprouted Kitchen

Thursday: Taco bowls with rice and beans, tempeh or turkey meat, avocado, lettuce, salsa, tortilla chips or plantain crisps

Friday: Veggie burgers, arugula salad with farro, radishes and lemon-tahini dressing

Saturday lunch: Summer rolls with avocado (switch up to use summer veggies: sweet bell pepper, cucumber, cabbage and carrot)

Sunday: Tomato and avocado stacks, baked parmesan chicken cutlets (without the caprese salad)


Here’s what you can do ahead if you’d like:


Make the crust for the peach pie pots

Make pesto for pizza (if using)

Make fajita marinade

Cut kernels off of cob for soup

Make taco seasoning


Make and refrigerate veggie burger patties

Make yogurt-tahini sauce for burgers

Make farro for salad

Make lemon-tahini dressing

Make peanut sauce for summer rolls

Cut up veggies for summer rolls


Make ranch dressing


Here is a link to all of my dinner planners.

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