I know it’s super cliche if I say “I can’t believe it’s December already!”  But, I mean seriously.  Here’s my goal the next few weeks: get my holiday shopping done and be really mindful of my eating especially with respect to sugar and fun foods.  There are a lot of parties happening and treats flying around, so it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday vortex of champagne and peppermint bark.  Mindfulness is the key.  And some good healthy dinners in between!


Here is your dinner planner for the week:

Monday: Chickpea burgers with yogurt-tahini sauce in pita or lettuce wrap, roasted broccoli and cauliflower (400 degrees with coconut oil or olive oil about 30 minutes)

Tuesday: Turkey sausages with fennel and cabbage, roasted potatoes with rosemary (400 degrees with olive oil and rosemary about 40 minutes, depending on size of potatoes)

Wednesday: Sweet potato coconut soup, asian marinated shrimp (use this recipe but broil instead of grill)

Thursday: Ina’s meatloaf, cauliflower mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts (halved, 400 degrees about 30-40 minutes)

Friday: Farro with kale and turkey bacon, green salad with manchego, apples and walnuts + everyday salad dressing #2

Saturday Lunch: Spinach and feta strata

Sunday: Whole roasted chicken with carrots and potatoes, kale salad with avocado and toasted sunflower seeds (and this creamy lemon dressing)

Do Ahead:


Make chickpeas for burgers if using from scratch

Make veggie stock or chicken stock for soup

Make chickpea burger patties and refrigerate

Make yogurt-tahini sauce for chickpea burgers

Cut cauliflower and broccoli into florets

Shred cabbage

Slice fennel


Make marinade for shrimp (do not marinate today though)

Wash greens for salad

Shred manchego for salad


I’ll do this in the morning: Make meatloaf and refrigerate until ready to bake


Make everyday salad dressing #2

Wash, dry, de-stem, and chop kale for salad

Make creamy lemon dressing


Make strata and refrigerate

Salt chicken when you get home from the market


Here’s a link to all my previous dinner planners.


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