Pear Carpaccio Recipe

I made this salad on a whim and it took 5 minutes, was so impressive and beautiful and DELICIOUS.  I know you love some healthful recipes on your Thanksgiving table to balance the rich ones, so I thought I would share this in anticipation of the holiday.  It’s also so great for a quick dinner party side dish.  Check the notes at the bottom of the recipe for swaps.  Also, if you need help with Thanksgiving, I highly recommend my Thanksgiving ebook for $15.  It has over 100 recipes and loads of tips and tricks to help you execute the best holiday with the least amount of stress!!

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Chocolate Chunk Pecan Slab Pie Recipe

Before I start talking about pie, my Thanksgiving ebook is available and here to help you!  It’s a PDF with over 100 of my best Thanksgiving recipes, tips and tricks for $15.  No searching the website for hours.  Everything you need to know is in one printable book!

I am bringing back the slab pie!  This is a perfect way to enjoy pie for a crowd and also to serve in small portions. I basically double the crust for a 15 x 10 jelly roll pan and keep the filling the same as for a single 9- or 10-inch pie.  The result is a thinner pie, but it also allows you to enjoy smaller portions of a pie and cut into whatever size pieces you want.  I tried freezing this slab pie in advance and defrosting it in the fridge and it was GREAT!  For a little extra, you can drizzle with melted chocolate and refrigerate to firm up.Continue reading

Savory Whole Grain Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

Maybe you love pancakes, but you need an extra protein boost in your breakfast.  Or, perhaps savory breakfasts help keep you from craving sweets all day.  Or, maybe you like breakfast for dinner.  If any of the above rings true for you, you will LOVE these savory ricotta pancakes!  I topped them with sauteed cherry tomatoes, basil and hot honey, but you can truly top them with so many savory ingredients.  I can’t wait for you to dig into these!

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Baked “Fried” Chicken Recipe

Fast food chicken sandwiches are all the rage but they’re not using good quality chicken and we all know that deep-fried food is terrible for you, especially if made in a restaurant.  Restaurants use THE CHEAPEST, WORST oil possible which gets heated over and over again. It’s very inflammatory.  We can make a great version at home and you can decide how you want to cook it: bone-in, skin-on in the oven or boneless, skinless in the oven or pan-fried on the stove.  You can air fry the chicken, but I have ‘t tested that out. I think what a lot of people like on these chicken sandwiches is the sauce, so I’ve given you a couple suggestions below.  You obviously can serve the chicken as is and not on a sandwich! If you are plant-based, I have the most insane vegan chickpea patty recipe coming soon.  SO GOOD!

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One Pot Mediterranean Quinoa Recipe

I LOVE a one pot meal! If you haven’t tried any of my one pot barley or farro recipes, you must! I know many people need to avoid gluten grains, so I thought I would make a version with quinoa. Quinoa is a light, fluffy seed that feels like a grain. It’s technically a pseudo-cereal, so many people who can’t tolerate grains, do well with quinoa. You know I’ll add vegetables anywhere I can, and this recipe is so easy and so flexible. Quinoa needs flavor boosters, so I love the olives here, as well as the dried herbs. If you dislike olives, use half the amount of capers. If you dislike capers too, add some feta or another salty cheese before serving. This is a great meal prep recipe and is awesome in school lunch boxes or to bring to the office. If you decide to swap in some stock for some or all of the water, adjust the added salt in case the stock has salt. Remember, be conservative – you can always add more salt later.

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Rice Chopped Salad Recipe

rice chopped salad

Rice is one of the least expensive grains and it is also highly digestible. I just don’t like to overeat it because it doesn’t have a ton of nutrition and it can cause a blood sugar spike on its own. So ideally, I will bulk up rice with lots of non-starchy vegetables. You can top this rice chopped salad with tuna, turkey or chicken, or cooked beans to make this a complete meal. I even grated hard boiled eggs on top once and it was delicious! It lasts a good 5 days in the fridge too.

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Flourless Monster Cookie Bars Recipe

Who doesn’t love Monster Cookies? Well, sure, they’re delicious, but they are usually LOADED with sugar and tons of candy. We can do better and they’ll still taste amazing. In fact, this recipe has no flour at all and a fraction of the added sweetener you’d usually find. You can go crazy with M&M’s and mini peanut butter cups if that’s your thing or you can go health-nut with hemp seeds, coconut and cacao nibs. Play around and have fun. These last for up to two weeks in the fridge and they freeze great. If you use sprouted oats, do let the batter sit for a bit before baking so the oats can soften up. Sprouted oats are great, but they tend to be a bit thicker and chewy in baking recipes. Regarding the quick-cooking oats, they help to make the cookie batter less chewy. But I never buy quick-cooking oats. Instead, I pulse old-fashioned rolled oats in either a food processor or a spice grinder. I use the spice grinder to grind whole flax seeds as well.

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Sweet Noodle Kugel Recipe

sweet noodle kugel

I make my mother-in-law’s recipe for sweet noodle kugel once a year. Everyone loves it and I do not deviate from it to try to make it less rich or more nutrient dense.  It’s a traditional holiday dish and it does not need messing with. I have never made it any other way, but I assume you can use gluten-free noodles if you have a gluten intolerance. Not sure how it would turn out dairy-free, but you can check out the suggestions below if you wanted to go that direction!Continue reading