Key Lime Pie Recipe

I eat desserts like Key Lime Pie usually once a week when I go out to a restaurant or if I’m entertaining at home.  Key Lime Pie is one of my absolute favorite go-to spring/summer desserts and I have made it dozens and dozens of times for friends including my husband’s tiki birthday party last month.  Everyone always goes crazy for it and you know what? It is the EASIEST dessert ever.  The only hard part is juicing almost 2 pounds of Key Limes, but I will not tell anyone if you use regular limes.  Key limes are tiny and tart, but not quite as acidic as regular limes.  I’ll be honest, I have made this pie with both types of limes and I cannot tell the difference! Some people swear by bottled Key lime juice, but I have never been a fan of bottled citrus juice.  The big difference in this recipe is that I use Greek yogurt instead of egg yolks and I MUCH prefer this version.Continue reading

Quinoa Salad with Cherries, Almonds, Celery, and Pecorino Recipe

This is one of my favorite salad recipes that I don’t make very often because cherries are in season for 5 minutes a year! It follows a classic formula that I love which is a green + a grain + a seasonal fruit + a cheese + a nut or seed.  It’s simple and easy to switch up.  I usually opt for arugula with fruit since the peppery greens balance the sweetness of the fruit, but I know arugula is not everyone’s favorite and takes some getting used to for kids. I love this salad for a main course lunch or dinner or to bring to a potluck (just bring the dressing in a jar and toss with the salad right before serving.)Continue reading

Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette and a Grilled Vegetable Primer

As you know, I am on a mission to get you to live your best, healthiest life.  The way I am going to do that is to help you cook more often at home with whole, minimally processed ingredients.  I am here to show you that making delicious, healthful food is easier than you think!  Recipes on my website can give you a little taste, but taking online classes and bootcamps are where the change happens quickly!  I have two bootcamps starting next week and they will change the game for you, your kids, your grandkids or anyone you care about.  Gift a course to yourself or someone else! You can follow live or on your own time.  For the Meal Prepping | Meal Planning course, use the code MEAL100 for $100 off. For Back to Basics, use the code BB100 for $100 off.  Click on the links to learn more!Continue reading

Charred Eggplant Salad Recipe

This is the kind of recipe that I adore. The flavors are up my alley and it’s perfect for summer entertaining which you know I love to do!  Like many recipes, but especially this one, I never make this the same way twice. I use roasted red peppers or cherry tomatoes. I swap different herbs depending on what else I have and what else I am serving. I love olives, and there are lots of kinds that work here, otherwise capers are great too. Read through the post to get some other ideas.  Not only is this delicious, it’s GOOD FOR YOU!Continue reading

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse Recipe

I have shared with you recipes for plant-based chocolate pudding made with tofu, avocados, and sweet potatoes (in Kitchen Matters.) If you know me, you know I love chocolate any which way.  According to Dr. Andrew Weil and many others, dark chocolate is a superfood.  So to combine one superfood with another is a true WIN-WIN!  My latest obsession is aquafaba chocolate mousse, a plant-based treat which uses canned chickpea liquid as the base.  Stay with me!Continue reading

Branzino Fillets with Green Olive and Fennel Tapenade Recipe

Happy almost-Mother’s Day and almost-graduation and Holy Communion and there’s a lot happening right now! I don’t know about you, but I tend to entertain more in the spring and summer and I am always looking for new recipes since I tend to have the same people over again and again.  Because my husband and I tend to lean towards a plant-based + fish diet, I always serve fish when I have guests.  Branzino fillets are one of my go-to’s because they cook super quick and they have a mild flavor. I usually serve them with a simple relish or sauce and that’s an easy entree!Continue reading

Sheet Pan Cauliflower Taco “Meat” Recipe

Looking for a plant-based taco recipe that doesn’t involve ultra-processed fake meat?  Me too!  I am really over all the fake meat products.  But I also understand that sometimes swapping cauliflower for meat is not going to cut it in terms of satiety.  This mixture of cauliflower rice, hemp seeds and finely chopped nuts + the perfect seasoning blend is satisfying and totally flavorful.  It passed the test with Mr. Picky who can eat practically the entire sheet pan himself!Continue reading

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Oh my gosh, I am excited about this recipe!!  My whole family goes gaga for all fried rice dishes but this one is hands-down their favorite.  It is a total flavor party!!  In fact, I make it for my son one a week and reheat it for school lunch.  I’ve eaten kimchi fried rice with an egg or tofu for breakfast and it is an ideal way for me to start the day.  If you have never bought kimchi before, this is your invitation!Continue reading