Grilled Steak with Tomato-Corn Salsa Recipe

I will come clean and just say I do not actually like the taste or texture of beef, so I do not eat it.  And only one of my kids likes beef, so I never make it.  And I acknowledge that cattle are harming the environment, so I don’t teach beef recipes more than once a year.  I also don’t like to yuck on anyone’s yum, and I think that high quality animal products in moderation can be part of a healthful diet.  I have noticed over the past decade that my friends and family are eating fewer animal products and in smaller quantities.  A few ounces of protein, but with more non-starchy vegetables, seems to be a trend in my community.  As always, I am here to help you cook more at home and tailor recipes to the way YOU want to eat!  I have tasted this grilled steak recipe and it is truly delicious and a crowd-pleaser!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of June 27, 2022

You know what time of year it is!  I am going to Long Island to hang with my family! Follow along on Instagram or Facebook as my sisters, my mom, my aunt and I cook up a storm, have long coffee talks in the morning, walk along the beach, sneak away from the kids on a canoe and play Rummikub until we’re blue in the face!  How do we manage to cook meals for so many people all week?  It’s called a GOOGLE DOC and we all help out, including the kiddos.  I repeat a lot of the same recipes year after year, because why not?! 

Also, I wanted to let you guys know about a great course my favorite organizing gurus, Inspired Everyday Living, are launching, called Declutter and Manifest Laura and Alison are more than just organizers. They really value the home as a reflection of who you are and the life you want to live.  I highly recommend this course!! 

Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of June 20, 2022

A lot of you have started your summers this week with kids now out of school.  I used to love it when my children could be more relaxed and not stressed out about homework and running to activities.  Plus YAY! no more making school lunches at 6:30 in the morning! Buuuut, providing structure so they didn’t get “bored” or sit on devices all day was a challenge.  I have an idea – tell your kids to make dinner once a week.  Tell them to find a recipe and you’ll shop for it and they can make it!  That’s how I learned how to cook – I wanted something different from my mom’s standard weekly meals (which were delicious, but on repeat a lot!), so I found recipes for things I wanted to eat!

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Lemon-Garlic Aquafaba Dressing Recipe

Little secret – I love using vegan mayo in salad dressings when I want a thick and creamy dressing. I am not a mayo fan otherwise, and I especially do not care for traditional egg-based mayonnaise. It’s too eggy tasting for me.  I’m not trying to yuck on your yum!  But I know a lot of people do not like using mayonnaise for a variety of reasons. Other swaps may include raw cashew butter + water, Greek yogurt, or aquafaba, the liquid leftover from cooking chickpeas.  I shared an aquafaba chocolate mousse recipe recently and now I want to share a totally different way to use this unique ingredient that you have probably thrown away a thousand times:  in salad dressing!Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of June 13, 2022

My baby, affectionately referred to since the inception of this website as Mr. Picky, is graduating high school this weekend!  OMG.  Very emotional week for me.  I am proud of course, excited for his future, and a bit weepy that he will be fleeing the nest in a few months.  I am grateful Hubs and I can take it all in.  

For my monthly cooking class subscribers, I am doing our monthly live zoom on Tuesday at 5:00 pm PT.  Come with all your questions, or just hang out and listen to the conversation.  I’d love to see you!  Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Key Lime Pie Recipe

I eat desserts like Key Lime Pie usually once a week when I go out to a restaurant or if I’m entertaining at home.  Key Lime Pie is one of my absolute favorite go-to spring/summer desserts and I have made it dozens and dozens of times for friends including my husband’s tiki birthday party last month.  Everyone always goes crazy for it and you know what? It is the EASIEST dessert ever.  The only hard part is juicing almost 2 pounds of Key Limes, but I will not tell anyone if you use regular limes.  Key limes are tiny and tart, but not quite as acidic as regular limes.  I’ll be honest, I have made this pie with both types of limes and I cannot tell the difference! Some people swear by bottled Key lime juice, but I have never been a fan of bottled citrus juice.  The big difference in this recipe is that I use Greek yogurt instead of egg yolks and I MUCH prefer this version.Continue reading

Dinner Planner – Week of June 6, 2022

Mr Picky just came back from 20 days backpacking out in the middle of nowhere with his class and I could not be more excited to have him home.  He requested branzino, roasted cauliflower, roasted asparagus, and grilled artichokes.  Done!  

I have had so many questions recently about when I will resume in-person cooking classes, and unfortunately, I will not be teaching in-person until at least 2023 and even then it will be special occasion classes, not monthly.  There’s no better time than now to join my monthly online cooking classes. They’re great and the same format as my in-person classes.  There are different subscription options, including one where you have access to the ENTIRE library of classes.  It’s a great value and I promise you will learn how to be a better cook! Here’s your dinner planner for the week: Continue reading

Quinoa Salad with Cherries, Almonds, Celery, and Pecorino Recipe

This is one of my favorite salad recipes that I don’t make very often because cherries are in season for 5 minutes a year! It follows a classic formula that I love which is a green + a grain + a seasonal fruit + a cheese + a nut or seed.  It’s simple and easy to switch up.  I usually opt for arugula with fruit since the peppery greens balance the sweetness of the fruit, but I know arugula is not everyone’s favorite and takes some getting used to for kids. I love this salad for a main course lunch or dinner or to bring to a potluck (just bring the dressing in a jar and toss with the salad right before serving.)Continue reading