I am finally back in town after being away for over two weeks and the thing I missed most of all was my KITCHEN. What I missed second to most was my way of eating.  I am actually tired of overeating.  Pasta, bread, and desserts have lost their appeal for the time being.  I need a salad for lunch and a bowl of soup for dinner for a week straight please.  I am also looking to get back to finishing dinner at an early hour, like 6:30. I sleep better and my digestion is happier!  In other news, my new January cooking class is UP.  Reminder, I have no plans to return to in-person cooking classes, so this is it! My monthly classes are great – 1 video with 5 all-new recipes (which I do not publish for at least a year) peppered with product advice, techniques, substitution suggestions, and nutrition information. Plus I offer live “office hours” every month for additional support.  There are two ways to participate – $29 for the class + access to the entire library of classes or $25 for the single class.  Join me and I’ll make you a better, healthier cook!  Here’s your dinner planner for the week:


Meatless Monday: Black rice salad with edamame and stir fried tofu (check this recipe for the tofu). You could also add any leftover animal protein from another night.

Tuesday: One Pan Chicken and Farro with Butternut Squash, Chickpeas, and Dates from Amanda Frederickson, fresh green salad with everyday salad dressing #2

Wednesday: Shrimp and basil stir fry, roasted veggies, served with steamed white or brown rice or a riced veggie like cauliflower or broccoli stems

Thursday: Curried lentil, tomato and coconut soup

Friday: Lemon-thyme chicken, crispy stovetop Brussels sprouts (p.106) from KM

Saturday brunch: This Warming Winter Smoothie from The Minimalist Baker

Sunday: Chicken posole verde with radish, cabbage and avocado garnishes (You can also serve this with tortilla chips.  We are fine eating just this, but a quesadilla or salad is a nice accompaniment if you need something more.)



Here’s what you can do in advance if it helps you:


Make salad dressings  

Wash greens

Cook black rice


Cut butternut squash


Make shrimp marinade


Make tomatillo sauce for posole



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