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Overnight Refrigerator Oat and Chia Porridge Recipe

overnight refrigerator oat and chia porridge | pamela salzman

I know not all my dear readers and cooking class students have children, and therefore are not likely submerged chin-deep in back-to-school chaos right now.  You lucky ducks.  I have three kids in three different schools and I can’t keep track of all the back-to-school nights and picture days.  And it’s only September!  I’ve got my priorities straight though.  Mr. Picky hasn’t had a haircut in three months, but I’ve got a freezer full of blueberry-banana bread and vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough.  Yes, ma’am.

chia seeds, then rolled oats

The point I was actually trying to get to is that these most recent posts aren’t just meant for those whose Monday-Fridays are considered “school days.”  I’d like to think all the recipes I post are relevant to anyone trying to eat well.  And one thing we all have in common these days, whether you have kids or not, is lack of time.  Unfortunately, I don’t think little old me is going to change that.

what it looks like before refrigerating

I used to think that it was silly for me to post recipes with 3 ingredients, that take 30 seconds to make, and that have probably been pinned more than a certain VMA performance has been viewed.  (Sorry for the reminder.)  But then my students plead with me, “we want more 30 second recipes!”  So if you haven’t been introduced to raw chia and oat porridge, and at least one person on instagram asked for the recipe last week when I posted a picture of my breakfast, here it is!  I probably eat this 3-4 times a week from July through October, because it is a refrigerated dish and slightly cooling so it’s better for you during the warmer months.  It is super healthful since the oats are soaked overnight, which makes them much more digestible.  On its own, this is a well-balanced breakfast with protein, fiber, complex carbs and high quality fat.  But we usually add either fresh or dried fruit to it.   And like I said, it is a cinch to make, almost disappointingly easy.  But this time of year, I’ve got nothing to prove.  Enjoy!

overnight refrigerator oat and chia porridge | pamela salzman

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Overnight Refrigerator Oat and Chia Porridge
Serves: serves 2-4 (this amount is perfect for my two girls and me)
  • 2 Tablespoons chia seeds (I like Barleans)
  • 1 cup rolled oats (look for certified gluten-free oats to make this a gluten-free recipe)
  • 2 cups almond milk, preferably homemade, or milk of choice
  • sweetener of choice to taste, if desired
  1. Place chia seeds and oats in a 4-cup container. Pour almond milk and sweetener, if using, over mixture and stir to combine, making sure to break up any clumps of chia seeds.
  2. Cover and refrigerate at least 6 hours or overnight so the mixture has time to thicken. Stir before serving.
  3. This will last as long as your almond milk, meaning if you use homemade almond milk, this porridge will only stay fresh a few days.
I usually use date-sweetened almond milk and no other sweetener, or unsweetened almond milk and a couple drops of stevia.

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  1. I so enjoy this recipe. So very delicious. This recipe is good to me. I added wild flower honey, craisen/raisens or both from individual lunch size servings. Yummy!

    • Sounds yummy!

  2. appreciate your reply, thanks. 🙂 Your site is very helpful

  3. Can I replace almond milk with soya milk?

    • Sure!

  4. can i replace almond milk with soya milk

  5. I love this!

    • Me too!

  6. Love the Barlean’s Organic Chia seed. Full of Omega-3, fiber and satiates your appetite!

    • All true, Andy!

      • I cannot stand the gel balls. Much better when ground to a coarse powder. try it.

        • Gotta do what works for you. I’ve tried grinding the chia seeds and I prefer the texture of the whole seeds. To each his/her own!

  7. YUM!! That is delicious. My 6 year old was very skeptical, but when I called it oatmeal pudding she was willing to try it…she loved it. We both did. I was out of almond milk so I just used cow’s milk. I can’t wait to try it with almond milk. Thanks.

    • That is so amazing that your 6-year-old tried this porridge/pudding and liked it! Thank you for sharing your variation, as well!

  8. Yes, I love these 30-second recipes! The beauty of them is that I was looking at your new posts, I immediately saw this recipe and wanted to try it, I realized I have all the ingredients and could whip it up in no time, and in a matter of minutes I have breakfast ready for myself for the rest of the week. Thank you so much, Pamela! You have truly revolutionized my way of cooking and baking more healthfully. I’ve always been committed to it, but I didn’t always know how to go about using alternative, more healthy ingredients. It’s almost comically overwhelming to me because I just found your site maybe two months ago, and already my bookmarks are flooded with your recipes! You’ve completely taken over! 🙂

    • Holly, I wish I could give you a big hug through the computer! It sounds like we’ll be doing some more cooking together here. Can’t wait to see what you make next!

  9. This was absolutely delicious. I have to say I was a sceptic at first. I can’t believe I was not hungry at all before lunch! I just found your website. I am a friend of your mom’s from stony brook! I have to tell you I LOVE this entire sight! Thank you for doing it!

    • That sounds like my mom! So glad you checked out my site and you had success right off the bat! Please stay in touch 🙂

  10. This is how I make mint too, tho sometimes I stir in fresh or thawed frozen or stewed fruit in before I eat it. Soaking my oats helps make it more digestible for me, that’s why I love this recipe.

    • Ditto, Marty!

  11. No cooking at all? And eaten cold too?

    • No cooking. Stir. Refrigerate overnight. Eat. I usually let it sit out 20-30 minutes so it’s not ice cold. But that’s it!

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