I  just had the most wonderful week in Stony Brook with my mom.  The weather was a 10/10 and I was also able to see my sisters and their families and my auntie.  So special! I came home a day early because my husband’s 105-year-old Grandma Rose passed away while I was in NY.  She was very dear to me and I wanted to be there for her memorial service on Friday.  Many people in my community know her because I always post a picture with her on her birthday, and occasionally a video.  She lived a long and beautiful life, but we will miss her.

Looking forward, I will be doing more Thanksgiving prep this week like freezing stock and pie crusts, and towards the end of the week, I’ll make cranberry sauce and applesauce!  Here’s your dinner planner for the week:

Meatless Monday: Miso soup and veggie sushi rolls (you can add soooo many things, but I’m thinking roasted sweet potato, avocado and a spicy sriracha aioli

Tuesday: Beef/turkey or tempeh tacos (either in tortillas or lettuce leaves), guacamole, salsa, carrot salad 

Wednesdaybrussels sprouts with turkey bacon and dates (good recipe for Thanksgiving, too!) served with cooked quinoa or cooked grain of choice

Thursday: Lemony chickpea souparugula salad with persimmons, beets and burrata

Friday: Sheet pan shrimp with broccoli p. 261 from QTQ , black rice or riced vegetable of your choice

Saturday brunch: swiss chard frittata

Sunday: Fesenjan-style Chicken Stew with Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce, any cooked grain or cauliflower rice, green salad with vinaigrette of choice

If you need help, it is not too late to use my Thanksgiving Ebook!  It has every single Thanksgiving recipe, timeline, prep ahead tip, turkey troubleshooting guide and more – for only $10! Click here to order!

Here’s what you can do ahead if it helps you:


Make chicken or vegetable stock

Make broth for miso soup

Prep vegetables for sushi rolls

Make taco seasoning spice mix

Grate carrots for salad

Make salad dressings


Trim and halve brussels sprouts

Cook chickpeas, if making from scratch


Roast beets


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