Cod Acqua Pazza Recipe (vegan option, too!)

Photography by Victoria Wall Harris

If you’ve been hanging out here long enough, you know that my favorite night of the year is Christmas Eve at my Aunt Sheila’s house with my dad’s family – all 100+ of us.  It’s a fun night with all the traditions I grew up with: a million fish dishes, carols being sung while waiting for Santa to come down the stairs, dozens of gifts flying everywhere, chocolates and panettone and espresso to round out the evening.  Well, I know what you’re thinking.  That’s a super spreader event that is NOT happening this year.Continue reading

Savory Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

Photography by Victoria Wall Harris

Let the Thanksgiving countdown begin!  So what that I am not having my typical 28-person dinner this year.  We’ll be a more intimate group of 10-ish and outdoors, but I am still doing it up!  Turkey, gravy, side dishes, pies, the whole works.  And, I’ve actually already gotten started.  Uh huh! And to help YOU get started, my new 2020 updated Thanksgiving E-book will be available for purchase THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, exactly 4 weeks before Thanksgiving!Continue reading

Poblano Potato-Leek Soup Recipe


Photography by Carolina Korman


I have been on a major soup kick this season.  I have always made soup once during the week and once on the weekend during the school year.  I am now making soup at least three times a week and we are all loving it.  I also order soup when I go out to eat, sometimes as my meal.  In the last year or so, I have always found it very beneficial to eat more of my calories before 2 pm, with my lightest meal being dinner.  That doesn’t always happen, but I feel best when I eat that way.Continue reading

Clamboil Recipe

Photos by Aliza Sokolow

The favorite meal during my summer week on Long Island is always, hands-down, the clam boil.  What’s not to love?  It’s super fun, delicious, and just screams summer.  In past years my son and my nephew have actually collected mussels at the beach to contribute towards the clam boil.  They require a lot of cleaning, so that doesn’t happen every year.Continue reading

Herbed Hasselback Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Photography by Devon Francis

To hasselback a potato (or anything for that matter) means to slice it in an accordian style so that the slices fan out resulting in crispy edges and soft interiors.  You can stuff anything you want in between the slices or nothing at all, but the results are absolutely delish.  I love sweet potatoes more than regular potatoes, so I knew a hasselbacked sweet potato would be my kind of recipe.  I taught this in a class a couple years ago and everyone flipped for them.  We all stood at the counter pulling apart layers of sweet potatoes with our fingers and forgetting that I had cooked other recipes!

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Yerba Mate Chicken and Cilantro Soup Recipe

Yerba Mate Chicken and Cilantro Soup | Pamela Salzman

Yerba Mate Chicken and Cilantro Soup | Pamela Salzman

This blogpost is sponsored by the Argentinian Yerba Mate Board.  All opinions are my own.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite morning companion, Argentinian Yerba Mate. I have touted my love of tea many times on this blog and on my instagram, and I believe it’s a wonderful addition to a well-balanced, whole food diet. Yerba mate, however, is a step up from your typical bag of green tea. Originated and grown in Argentina from the yerba mate tree, this tea is chock-full of powerful antioxidants (shown to be even higher than green tea) and nutrients such as vitamins B and C, zinc, potassium and manganese. Yerba mate has been found to be ‘hepatoprotective’ which translates to: ‘protecting your liver cells’ and can help in weight loss. I also love that it provides as much energy as a cup of coffee but isn’t as harsh on your stomach. The traditional way to consume it is to prepare it in a traditional Argentinian gourd and drink through a straw.Continue reading

Breakfast Salad with Potatoes, Bacon and Eggs Recipe

Breakfast Salad | pamela salzman
Photographs by Laney Schwartz

I finally arrived in Chicago after a very unfortunate flight which was diverted to another airport for several hours until a storm passed through O’Hare airport. I am only here until after my segment on “Good Day, Chicago” tomorrow morning.  I’m on around 9:20 am, so tune in if you live in Chicago!  I decided to make this a quick trip because I have barely been home this summer and I have been away from my family a lot.

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Sweet Potato Toasts Recipe

Sweet Potato Toasts | Pamela Salzman
Sweet Potato Toasts | Pamela Salzman
Photos by Erica Hampton

There are some food trends that I can’t embrace.  Unicorn everything, please go away.  And although it looks cute, I also have no time to cut my fruit into 1/2-inch star shapes and slide them into ombre parfaits. If someone would like to make me such parfait though, I would be over the moon.Continue reading