I have some exciting news!  I have always wanted to take my cooking instruction online since I am so limited as to how many people I can teach in person on a daily basis. So I am thrilled to have partnered with Clean Eating Magazine and Vegetarian Times to offer a 7 week (6 week for Vegetarian Times followers) course on BATCH COOKING which starts on September 11th!

You don’t need to spend more time in the kitchen to create a satisfying dinner—you just need to cook smarter. In my new Clean Eating Academy course, I am going to teach you how to easily prepare an entire week of meals in a single day.  This is a life-changing series of classes that will teach you innovative make-ahead recipes with in-depth lessons on planning and cooking. It’s batch cooking at its best, and it’s going to revolutionize the way you cook forever.

You all know how I rely on being organized for the week ahead with respect to planning out my meals and doing a little meal prep.  It’s only way I would be able to feed my family without stress!  In this course I am sharing all my tried and true secrets!  Here’s a peek at the course syllabus:

Batch Cooking 101: Cook Once, Eat Clean All Week 

Week 1: Kitchen Basics and Food Storage/Equipment set-up/Must-have appliances and tools 

  • How to maximize your refrigerator
  • Planning meals for the week
  • How to be impeccably organized
  • Preserving nutrients when prepping food ahead
  • How to shop and eat in season
  • Avoiding food waste
  • Planning your Sunday around food prep Stocking your pantry with clean-eating essentials
  • Stocking your pantry with clean-eating essentials

 Week 2: Planning Ahead 101

  • To-do action plan after grocery shopping
  • Produce storage tips
  • The pros and cons of pre-cut grocery store produce

Week 3:  Make-Ahead Staples to Have on Hand

  • Pamela’s batch cooking favorites
  • Make-ahead building block foods:
    • Cauli-rice
    • Almond milk and other nut milks
    • Blanched, steamed, sautéed and roasted veggies
    • Salad dressings and sauces
    • Beans and lentils
    • Grains and quinoa

Week 4:  Sauces, Dressings, Marinades and Rubs to Use on Everything

  • The blueprint for perfect dressing
  • Multiuse salad dressings
  • Mastering mason jar dressings
  • Pesto, 5 Ways
  • Multipurpose sauces and seasonings
  • Vegan cheese sauces
  • Spice rubs and marinades

Week 5: Become Friends with Your Freezer/What can and can’t be frozen 

  • The art of timing and temperature when defrosting
  • How to freeze liquids versus non-liquids
  • Approved containers for freezing, including glass, plastic, zip-top bags and ice cube tray

Week 6:  Getting Creative: Tackling Tough Ingredients and Mastering Shortcut Recipe

  • How to slice and prep fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, fresh pineapple, winter squashes and kale.
  • Kitchen hacks for onion and leek prep.
  • Customizable quick and easy recipes to minimize food waste and clean out your fridge including not-fried rice, pastas, soups and frittatas.

Week 7: Proteins, Explained: Poultry, Meat and Fish (for Clean Eating signups, not Vegetarian Times)

  • How to select top-quality proteins
  • How to refrigerate and freeze proteins for freshness and food safety
  • Best cooking techniques for batch cooking poultry, meat and fish including searing, roasting, braising, stewing and more

The course includes over 30 never before published recipes!

I’ll also have some time for Q&A’s during the course and be on the look-out for a few Facebook Lives coming up if you have any questions before the course starts.  Right now, Clean Eating has an early bird discount if you sign up soon!

Click here for the 7-week Clean Eating version.

Click here for the 6-week Vegetarian Times version.

Don’t hesitate to check out the FAQ’s or leave any questions here. I hope you’ll join me in September!

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  1. Cuanto cuesta el curso? como hago para comprarlo el curso de bachcooking? no veo donde puedo comprarlo

    • Hola Maria. El curso es diferente al que se ofreció por medio de Clean Eating Magazine. Hoy es el ultimo día pare registrarse al curso. Esta pagina tiene mas información: https://pamelasalzman.kartra.com/page/mealprepbootcamp
      El curso es en ingles y cuesta $297 pero con el coupon MEAL100 se puedo ahorrar $100.

  2. Would you be able to join late?

    • Unfortunately not. Sorry!

  3. I’d love to take this course but am unsure I can make the time commitment. Do you have an idea about how long each class will be? 30 minutes? 1 hour?

    • Hi! I’d say it would take 2-3 hours to go through each lesson carefully. Could be quicker if you’re short on time. But you can always come back and review lessons later if you don’t have time to go through each lesson entirely in one week.

  4. Pamela… how much time should I plan on to watch each course? Thank you!

  5. This is a great idea Pamela! So excited to do it – is it live or can you watch on your own time? Once purchased, can you re-watch archived classes? Will you be providing any materials to download for the class?

    • Yay! You can watch on your own time. You can re-watch. Yes to materials!

  6. Can’t wait for this! So excited! Tried to register a few times this morning and the registration doesn’t’ seem to be working. I will try again later. Can’t wait to have you in my kitchen!

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