Herbed Summer Squash and Potato Torte Recipe

herbed summer squash potato torte

When I see what is circulating on social media and what generates the most views and clicks, it’s not recipes like this.  There isn’t a massive cheese pull or 20 ingredients + 2 sauces. This is just simple, pure food but still flavorful and satisfying.  I love any kind of layered casserole.  It’s not complicated to make, but it’s still impressive enough to serve to guests.  My husband ate this recently and (as usual) said, “Wow!  This is actually really delicious!”  Moral of this story is don’t sleep on these simple, but wonderful recipes!Continue reading

Layered Summer Vegetable Torte Recipe

I love giving you 15-minute recipes, but once in a while there comes a dish that is worth the extra effort.  This Layered Summer Vegetable Torte is just that.  Yes, you have to grill some vegetables and make a simple vinaigrette, but this is a hearty, delicious, veggie-centric showstopper.  Every summer I have a few recipes that I put on repeat when I entertain at home, and this was one of my go-to’s from the Summer of 2021 and now it’s back in the rotation!Continue reading