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Pantry Staple Recipe Ideas

Hello, Friends.  I’m checking in. I hope you are all staying healthy and sane right now.  I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you all and I appreciate this community more than ever.  Thank you for your feedback, encouragement, viewership, questions, and comments.  Thank you for bringing my recipes into your kitchen and cooking them for your loved ones.  Thank you for sharing your photos of your beautiful finished dishes and cooking with your kids.  Please continue to encourage your friends and co-workers to cook healthy food at home.  When you post a recipe on social media, any recipe, it inspires your community to do the same, to cook from scratch.  You send a message that cooking nutritious food is important and doable.

I pulled together a collection of recipes that may help give you some ideas for “pantry ingredients.”  You most likely have enough food at home and don’t need to go out. Stay home.  Improvise with what you have.  I can give you suggestions for substitutions if you’re stuck.  But do stick to the foods you know keep you healthy and make you feel good. 

Pasta and Pasta Alternative Recipes


Bean and Legume Recipes


Grain Recipes


Frozen Vegetable Recipes


Onion, Root Vegetable, and Winter Squash Recipes


Canned Fish Recipes

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My new book, Quicker Than Quick, is available for pre-order and it will be delivered to you on April 21st.  It’s a compilation of my favorite quick and healthy recipes, most of which rely on pantry staples.  You will cook from it for the rest of your life!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I’m struggling to come up with dinner ideas using just pantry staples. This is really helpful. We had your wild salmon patties tonight with cauliflower rice. Soooo good!!! Can’t wait to try more of these. Thank you and stay well!

    • That’s great, Cate! Be well!

  2. Many thanks for your wonderful reference, PANTRY STAPLE RECIPE IDEAS. Although I have made many of these wonderful recipes, there are some I would like to try, and now is a perfect time. Pantry staples certainly do come in handy. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and concern for all of us! Your positive attitude is truly inspirational. I look forward to receiving your new book. Keep up the good work!

    • You’re too kind, Mia. Thank you!

  3. I made a good pantry staple recipe the other night–chickpeas and spinach from the NYT. Basically sauté onion and garlic; season with cumin, salt and pepper; add tomato paste, 1 c. stock, and 1 can beans; simmer 10 minutes; add spinach until it wilts and adjust seasoning. Everyone loved it.

    • Yum! Like a stewy beans and greens. Love it, thanks!

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