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Bell Pepper Jack o’ Lanterns Recipe

If I had small kids at home (which I do not) or if I were having friends over for Halloween (which I am not), I would be fun and make these bell pepper jack o’lanterns for crudites and dip!  I am not creative, believe me. I have zero artistic abilities.  But these are super easy and do not require precision by any means. My point – if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Orange or yellow sweet bell peppers are easy to find in most markets.  If you have a sharp paring knife, you can cut a jack o’lantern face in the bell peppers with zero difficulty.  This is 10 times easier than cutting large pumpkins, I tell you! Triangles that point up are more “happy” and triangles that point sideways are a bit more “sinister.”

You can do teeth for the smile or not.  But you want a space for a mouth at the bottom so people know what dip is in it.  Also, the dips will ooze out a bit and look like the mouths are well….. you get the picture!

To make this even easier, buy store-bought dips!  I used Kite Hill almond milk ranch dip, a local avocado dip, and Trader Joe’s black bean hummus.  Then just stick whatever crudites you have into the top of the pepper and you have a healthy, festive snack or appetizer.  This would be great for a school party as well as one at home.

If I were more creative, I could have figured out something to place on the bottom of the platter to resemble a pumpkin patch or a field or whatever.  But I think it’s really cute as is and you can make them quickly.

I have no “recipe” for these peppers other than to cut the eyes, nose and mouth while the pepper is in one piece and then take the core out.  Dollop in some dip and add your crudites.  I used different colored carrots, celery, cucumbers, and jicama.  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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