Lighter and Easier Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

eggplant parmesan

I love eggplant parmesan, but restaurant versions are way too oily and leave me with a heavy feeling in my stomach. This version is not only much lighter, but faster and easier too.  In the summer, I often make a quick fresh tomato sauce which can save you $$$ over buying a good one at the store.  I’ll give you this recipe too which you can use over pasta or spaghetti squash. If you see “seconds” at the tomato stands at the farmers market, you can take advantage of them for this sauce or anything that calls for cooked tomatoes.
I love this eggplant parmesan as a hearty main dish with a salad in the summer and I also use this recipe as a vehicle for adding in leftover cooked veggies like sautéed greens, mushrooms or even swapping in roasted zucchini for the eggplant.

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Skillet Latke Recipe

You don’t have to celebrate Hanukkah to love latkes, also known as potato pancakes.  What could be better than lacy potatoes and onions made crispy in oil? I think they’re as delicious as the next person but I do not love standing over the stove making them. They’re pretty labor-intensive and they make the house (and my hair) smell like fried food.  I have a solution – The Skillet Latke!Continue reading

Spicy Caesar Salad with Toasted Breadcrumbs Recipe

If you’ve been to Jon & Vinny’s in LA, you may recognize this salad which they call Gem Lettuce, Calabrian Chili Dressing, Parmigiano, & Bread Crumbs.   It’s basically a spicy Caesar salad with the most delicious breadcrumbs and baby romaine leaves.  It’s insanely good and worth every bit of the $16.50 they charge for one portion.  Or is it?  Well, we can make it at home and it’s just as good, friends!  I make it all the time when I have people over or we want a really great Caesar. Ok, let’s do it!Continue reading