Fennel and green bean salad with olives recipe

I cannot get out of summer mode, people.  And when it’s 80 degrees and sunny here at the beach, it’s hard not to be this way.  I really wanted to post a new recipe here over the weekend, buuuuutttttt I procrastinated.  A lot.  The weather was so perfect and we weren’t totally overscheduled like we […]

Rustic butternut squash soup with fennel and wild rice

One way that I have learned how to be a more confident cook is by identifying certain “formula” recipes and then just changing the ingredients around to come up with something that seems like a different recipe. One day last year after I was bored with making Mushroom and Barley Soup for the umpteenth time, […]

Fennel and green apple salad recipe

  I just adore fennel and its hint of licorice (that’s the black kind, not the red).  When I was a child, after a big Sunday dinner, my Aunt Maria would pass around a platter a raw fennel wedges along with a bowl of tangerines and unshelled nuts.  We would chomp happily on the fennel […]

Turkey sausages with cabbage and fennel recipe

People ask me all the time for more recipes that are Fast!  No, faster!  And easy!  I understand the challenges that people face when pulling together a weeknight meal, whether they are parents or not.  However, we need to put some time into our cooking.  I haven’t figured out yet how to make something in […]

Dinner Planner – Week of February 5, 2024

So much happening, friends!  I uploaded the February cooking class YAY!  It’s so good!  Every month I pre-record a brand-new cooking class which you can watch on your own time.  This month’s menu is: Lemony Parmesan Soup French Onion Soup Skillet Chicken Fennel and Celery Salad Roasted Truffle Potatoes  Torta Caprese (this is a flourless […]