fennel and green bean salad with olives recipe

September 02, 2014 I cannot get out of summer mode, people.  And when it's 80 degrees and sunny here at the beach, it's hard not to be this way.  I really wanted to post a new recipe here over the weekend, buuuuutttttt I procrastinated.  A lot.  The weather was so perfect and we weren't totally overscheduled like we usually are so I helped Mr. Picky and his pal set up a lemonade stand.  And then I was so exhausted from their 10-year-old exuberance that I took a nap.  For the first time since...

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International Travel Tips

We’re back!  We had a great trip to Europe, and, despite missing our connection in London on Sunday and being stuck there for 24 hours without our luggage (!), we made it back safe and sound.   I had...

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Stressed Out? 8 Foods to Take the Edge Off

  Are you stressed out? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel stressed these days for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately, all that tension and worry can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Stress and its...

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Snacks and Essentials for Healthy Travel

My husband, the kids and I are off to Europe today for 3 weeks!  It is always exciting to go to on vacation to someplace fabulous, but it takes a lot of advance planning to make sure everything goes...

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lentil and grilled eggplant salad recipe

Lentil and Grilled Eggplant Salad Do you remember the Dunkin Donuts commercial from the '80s, where the guy wakes up super early in the morning every day and says, "time to make the donuts" ?  That's how I felt yesterday morning when I stumbled out of bed as the sun came up because...

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corn and zucchini frittata recipe

zucchini and corn frittata I just returned from Dallas, one child and many suitcases lighter.  Sigh…. My daughter has officially opened her wings and flown from the proverbial nest to plant her roots at college.  The whole thing is quite surreal as many of you may or may not know.  One minute they're...

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fresh tomato soup recipe

fresh tomato soup recipe | pamelasalzman.com The moment we arrived in Lake Garda on Wednesday for the last leg of our trip, I looked at my husband and said, "Good luck getting me on that plane back home."  The vistas are breathtaking, the air is clean, and the food is to die for.  Total heaven...

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