How to Get Well Quickly

My advice for getting better when you’re sick is not to get sick in the first place!  It’s actually much easier to stay well than to get over a virus or a bacterial infection (or worse.)  You can read this blogpost from many years ago about how to boost your immune system. That said, I […]

Five Friday Favorites 03.25.16

Hello, hello!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted some favorites, but you know how it is when there’s a holiday coming up.  Everyone needs recipes! In my cooking classes the last few weeks, we’ve been chatting a lot about the pros and cons of eating grain-free, avoiding BPA and plastics, the effects of the […]

Crispy Baked Tofu Recipe

I taught this basic oven-baked crispy tofu in a class a million years ago and refer to it all the time. I also put a chipotle version of it in my cookbook, Quicker Than Quick. Then I posted a reel on Instagram, but not everyone is on Instagram so I need a permanent home for […]

Five Friday Favorites- 8.5.16

Happy Friday! I am currently on my first vacation of the summer, relaxing at my parents’ house on Long Island, if you call cooking for 15 people every day relaxing, LOL!  Did you see my Instagram stories of my pizza-making yesterday?  My husband and I actually made 13 pizzas for lunch.  And then we had […]

Miso Soup Bar with Jenni Kayne and

I have always been a huge fan of a toppings bar for several reasons.  I’ve noticed my kids tend to eat more of whatever I’m serving when they can control what goes on their plate.  I also think it’s so much more fun when your guests can participate in and interact over the meal.  Lastly, […]