Cilantro-Lime Slaw Recipe


Photography by Victoria Wall Harris


This was originally posted in 2011 and needed a refresh! Here’s the original post:

I consider myself a good eater, that is I like a wide variety of foods and I am willing to try almost anything.  But I have my own personal standards (which my husband calls being a party pooper) and even though I don’t believe there are any “bad” foods, there are some that just don’t appeal to me.  You can imagine what some of these things are, but one food that I have never gotten into is deli coleslaw.  It’s often a side with sandwiches or wraps, but I have wondered if most people eat it or does it end up in the garbage?  This type of coleslaw always seems so tired to me, overdressed with mayonnaise and soggy.  And I always have the feeling it was made a way long time ago.  But it’s such a shame, because the foundation of coleslaw is something actually quite good for you — cabbage.  So full of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, plus it’s cheap.  I decided it was high time to revisit coleslaw and give it a makeover.Continue reading