Quinoa Granola Recipe

I have made granola multiple ways from traditional to grain-free, with peanut butter and a salted dark chocolate version, too.  It’s easy to make, which is great because good quality (key words) store-bought granola is super pricey and often too sweet for me.  Two of the main reasons I cook as much as I can at home are to control both the ingredients and the proportions.  As I have mentioned of late, I am a little disappointed in many manufacturers spraying their wheat and oat crops with glyphosate, a toxin found in Roundup and what some are saying could be the reason so many of us have leaky gut and the subsequent ramifications from that.  Although buying organic should protect us from glyphosate, tests have shown otherwise.  Of course, there are many companies who work diligently to avoid using glyphosate, and it’s up to us consumers to contact them to ask if their products have been tested.Continue reading