Jeweled Rice Recipe

‘Tis the season for show-stopping recipes and I am bringing you another favorite (after last week’s whole roasted cauliflower.) This one is inspired by the Persian “Jeweled Rice,” aka Javaher Polow.  As I understand it, Jeweled Rice is usually served at weddings, big family gatherings and even for new year’s celebrations.  The name of the dish comes from the beautiful jewel-tone colors:  gold, pearls, emeralds, and rubies.  Let me come right out and say very early into this post that this is not a traditional jeweled rice recipe.  I didn’t use saffron or barberries, and I didn’t candy my orange peels in a lot of sugar.  I also use much less oil than normal and I basically created my own, easier version of Jeweled Rice.  I didn’t say my version is better. It is different, not necessarily “authentic,” but still absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Continue reading