Baked Eggs and Greens (Green Shakshuka) Recipe

Baked Eggs and Greens (Green Shakshuka) | Pamela Salzman

Now that we are down to a family of three, I have noticed our breakfasts have become a little lazy.  I think it’s much more fun cooking for a larger crew, especially when it includes my teenage daughters who are amazing eaters.  At the moment I am left with Mr. Picky and the man who co-created Mr. Picky, if you get my drift. Sooooo, we’re eating a lot of smoothie bowls and toast concoctions.  It’s all good for now since I am in the throes of bar mitzvahville and “the Bar Mitzvah Diet.”  But 8 days from now, I’ll be ready to get back to some real breakfasts.

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