Pavlova with Whipped Greek Yogurt and Cream and Berries Recipe

sliced pavlova

I love the drama of a Pavlova, which is a meringue cake that is crisp on the outside and soft and marshmallow-like on the inside.  I did something a little different here which is to reduce to the sugar to as little as possible without the pavlova being a puddle of egg whites!  Sugar provides structure for the egg whites, so I took it down as far as I could. Unfortunately, I would not recommend making meringue when the weather is humid. It just never really dries out properly. There are a lot of tips to ensure success with this recipe. Please read through at least once before commencing. I personally like topping the meringue with fresh seasonal fruit and anything not overly sweet. And you’ll notice I add a little Greek yogurt to my whipped cream for a little tang!  Continue reading