Shrimp and Melon “Ceviche” Recipe

I am obsessed with ceviche and I order it all the time at my local Mexican restaurant as an appetizer or as a light dinner. I was in Mexico last fall and had the most amazing sweet and spicy ceviche made from local white fish, mango, avocado and I couldn’t stop thinking about how you can truly combine any fish with a juicy seasonal fruit + lime juice + onion + a spicy ingredient and it’s just addictive.  Ceviche is normally made with raw seafood and the citrus juice “cooks” the fish which denatures the protein networks, similar to cooking with heat. That’s why the color changes to opaque and the flesh gets firmer after sitting in a citrus marinade.  Here’s the deal – you need to be 100% confident that you are starting with the freshest of fresh seafood because no amount of lime juice is going to obliterate parasites and other nastiness.  So, when I make ceviche at home, I give the seafood a quick cook!  You can choose to get sushi grade fish and not precook it of course.Continue reading