Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette and a Grilled Vegetable Primer

As you know, I am on a mission to get you to live your best, healthiest life.  The way I am going to do that is to help you cook more often at home with whole, minimally processed ingredients.  I am here to show you that making delicious, healthful food is easier than you think!  Recipes on my website can give you a little taste, but taking online classes and bootcamps are where the change happens quickly!  I have two bootcamps starting next week and they will change the game for you, your kids, your grandkids or anyone you care about.  Gift a course to yourself or someone else! You can follow live or on your own time.  For the Meal Prepping | Meal Planning course, use the code MEAL100 for $100 off. For Back to Basics, use the code BB100 for $100 off.  Click on the links to learn more!Continue reading