Matzoh Lasagne Recipe

matzoh lasagne | pamela salesman

If you don’t celebrate Passover and have no need to make lasagne out of matzoh, I am so sorry this post likely doesn’t appeal to you.  Although I must mention that our not-Jewish friend Matt had my matzoh lasagne last year and keeps talking about it nonstop.  In fact, just the other day he invited himself over the next time I make it.  Why is it that the non Jews look more fondly upon Passover foods than Jews?  When we were growing up, my mother and grandmother used to buy 5 pounds of matzoh when it came into the stores because they absolutely loved it with some Breakstone’s whipped butter in the morning.  I’ll admit, I liked it quite a bit, too.  Now that I am married to someone who actually celebrates Passover, the sight of matzoh makes me cringe a little.  Is it because when you’re “forced” to eat something, it takes on a different feeling?  Probably.

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