Wild Salmon Burgers | Pamela Salzman

Wild Salmon Burgers Recipe

The past two nights I set 5 places at the dinner table and I could not have been more grateful or HAPPY.  All three of my kids are home, and although it will be a short time that we’re all together, I’ll take what I can get!  I am going to pull back a little […]

Mediterranean turkey and zucchini burgers recipe

I’m a happy mama since I picked up Mr. Picky from sleepaway camp on Saturday.  13 days is just too long for me to be apart from that guy.  I have been enjoying all the stories, hanging on every word as if he traveled around the world.  Bless his heart, Mr. Picky “snuck” some food […]

Black Bean Burgers with Smoky Red Pepper Sauce | Pamela Salzman

Black bean burgers with smoky red pepper sauce

Not so fast.  You see “Black Bean Burgers” and you’re already making a run for it?  Well, I can’t blame you if your only experience with veggie burgers are those dry, thin hockey pucks in the frozen section of the supermarket.  Or if you’ve looked for recipes to make your own at home and the […]

Tasty turkey burgers

Let’s play a little word association game!  When I say “turkey burger,” you say …?  I think I heard “bland,” “dry,” “flavorless,” “pointless.”  You know what I say?  “No thank you!”  Until now. I have never been a big meat-eater, even though I think there’s a place for high-quality grass-fed beef in one’s diet if […]

Baked “Fried” Chicken Recipe

Fast food chicken sandwiches are all the rage but they’re not using good quality chicken and we all know that deep-fried food is terrible for you, especially if made in a restaurant.  Restaurants use THE CHEAPEST, WORST oil possible which gets heated over and over again. It’s very inflammatory.  We can make a great version […]