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Hibiscus Mocktail Recipe

I’m on a mocktail kick this year.  What started with my Ginger-Lime Mocktail has expanded to my latest Hibiscus Mocktail!  I certainly love a nice refreshing cocktail or a good glass of wine every now and then.  But I don’t need alcohol to have a good time or relax and I really don’t love when I feel yuck the next morning.

Hibiscus tea has a wonderful light fruity flavor.  It’s obviously not sweet on its own which is why I add a few drops of stevia.  Plus the lime juice adds tartness.  This recipe is not really a recipe in as much as my telling you how I make this.  Who needs a “recipe” to make a mocktail?? Let’s keep simple things simple.  You need guidelines and just taste as you go.

My advice is to brew a lot of tea in advance and keep it on hand in the fridge so you can whip this up on a moment’s notice.  It’s also such a beautiful color if you want a healthy, pretty drink to serve to guests. Healthy?  Yes!  Hibiscus tea is anti-inflammatory, can help with blood pressure, and is considered to be an anti-aging drink. Give me a double please!

I make this consistently with tea + lime juice + stevia + ice + sparkling water.  Sometimes I add fresh mint, berries, pineapple, orange slices, or other fruit.  Check out my recipe here for fruity iced tea.  You can also add a little fruit juice instead of the stevia.  If you wanted to add a splash of alcohol to make it a cocktail, try a little gin, vodka, tequila or rosé wine.

Please tag me @pamelasalzman #pamelasalzman on Instagram if you make it.  And let me know your favorite mocktails!  I’m always ready to mix it up!

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Hibiscus Mocktail
Serves: 1
  • Hibiscus tea bags (I use Sadaf, Buddha Teas, or the hibiscus tea in my Prolon boxes)
  • Ice
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Couple drops of stevia (I am using Thrive Market brand or NOW) or your favorite sweetener to taste
  • Sparkling Water
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Other add-ins: berries or pineapple (I have added the washed rind of pineapple after I cut it up.)
  1. I make a big batch of strong hibiscus tea and keep it in the fridge. Figure 2 tea bags for 16 ounces of hot water. (I usually do 4-5 for a pitcher of water.) Allow teabags to steep until water is room temperature, about 2-3 hours. Transfer to jars or bottles and refrigerate until cold.
  2. Add a few ice cubes to a 12-ounce glass and fill it about ¾ with chilled hibiscus tea. Add the juice of half a lime (sometimes I add a full lime.). Add a few drops of stevia or to taste. Top off with sparkling water and stir. Add mint leaves and enjoy.
Once I added rosé (wine) to the mocktail and it tasted like sangria!


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  1. I love this mocktail! I especially loved it when I added some freshly squeezed red grapefruit juice. Thanks Pamela! You are the best!

    • Love your twist with the grapefruit juice!

  2. I ordered the Sadaf tea but was being impatient and wanted to make this so I got organic raspberry hibiscus tea bags from Target and made it tonight. SO GOOD!! I loved it. I didn’t add any sweetener but my husband and daughter added some Red Clay Southern Honey and asked me to make it again tomorrow. DEAL! Thank you for another amazing recipe Pamela!

    • Yay! Total winner. Glad your family loved it!

  3. Sounds frefreshing I do with tequila like flores farms in Cabo …wil; tru this way

    • Go for it!

  4. I’ve been making this mocktail and love it. I used to throw out the Prolon hibiscus ice tea…..but no more. How long will this last in the frig? Shelly

    • It should last at least a week. Just make sure to take out the tea bags.

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