‘Tis the season and I have been frantically trying to find the perfect gifts for all my loved ones.  You still have a little less than one week before the first night of Hanukkah and two weeks-ish before Christmas, but the clock is ticking!  I have a few favorite foodie gifts here, but you should also check out my shopping list for all my favorite kitchen tools and must-haves for additional gift ideas for people who cook (or would like to!)  I even have things on there like the portable cart I bring to the farmers market and my favorite stockpot about which I receive so many compliments!


Solstice Canyon Almond Butters

Solstice Canyon Almond Butters

These nut butters from Solstice Canyon are not only delicious but one of the most healthful nut butters on the market right now.  They are made from organic, truly raw, unpastureized almonds- something that is almost impossible to find at your local market.  The other ingredients (coconut, coconut sugar and Himalayan sea salt) in the nut butters are all top notch and very clean, making these nut butters completely guilt-free.  They come in 3 flavors: Original, Aztec chocolate, and Cardamom & Clove.  I am absolutely crazy about all three, but the Aztec chocolate is my favorite — the perfect amount of chocolate, slightly sweet with a hint of heat.  Delicious.  Find this here.


Farmhouse Pottery Maple Syrup and Pitcher or Honey and Pitcher


My best girlfriend gave me one of these sets a couple of years ago and even though I went through the maple syrup quickety-quick, I am still adoring and using the beautiful pitcher that came with it.  Both the syrup and the honey are locally sourced in Vermont and I can tell you the syrup is delicious!  Plus it all comes packaged in this darling little box to make this an easy gift to give.  Find it all at Farmhouse Pottery.


Summerland LA Produce Box

Summerland LA produce box

For my Los Angeles friends, what better gift is there for the food lover in your life than fresh, organic produce delivered right to their doorstep?  Summerland LA delivers boxes each week filled with a variety of vegetables and/or fruits that is all sourced from local or in-state certified organic farmers, and is hand delivered to your door within 48 hours of picking.  The quality here is TOP NOTCH.  Plus, Summerland includes recipes each week featuring ingredients that are delivered, which will help ensure that you use up every last piece of produce.  If you don’t live in LA, there are so many great local services like this in many parts of the country.



I professed my love for PUREnola snacks on Instagram a while back and I am still smitten.  It’s not easy to find truly healthful and nutritious snacks, so when I was introduced to PUREnola, I was super excited.  It’s a cluster snack with sprouted organic raw nuts, sprouted organic raw seeds and other natural ingredients to pack a powerful crunch. It is a favorite of those following grain free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, raw, vegan and paleo diets.  I don’t follow any of those diets, but I find myself using PUREnola like I would granola on yogurt, chia pudding, hot porridge and frozen desserts.  But it also makes a unique and delicious addition to a cheeseboard. The flavors range from salted chocolate to coconut to my favorite, rosemary spice, and many others.  Love this!  PUREnola can be found here.  PUREnola is offering my readers 10% off their purchases with the promo code PAMELA10


Bulletproof Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Bulletproof Coffee

Move over, Starbucks.  There’s a new drink in town.  Bulletproof Coffee is all the rage.  Imagine taking So, lowest toxin, highest performance coffee there is and then blend unsalted, grass-fed butter into it, along with an extract of coconut oil that improves brain energy. Repeat, butter.  So the idea is you have all the benefits of healthy milk fat with none of the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream. People say (I haven’t tried it because I don’t drink coffee) it makes for the creamiest, most satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had. And it will keep you satisfied with level energy for 6 hours if you need it, without craving simple carbs or sugar, and because one drinks it for breakfast, the body is programmed to burn fat for energy all day long!  I know many people that swear by it!  Buy the coffee here.

And now, perfect for the holidays and for non-coffee drinkers, there’s a limited edition high quality Bulletproof Hot Chocolate.  SO exciting!  Find it here.


Next Friday, I’ll post my favorite homemade edible gifts!


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  1. Thank you so much for including us in your Friday Favorites! I would be thrilled to offer your readers a special discount on all online orders from now until the end of the year – just enter code PAMELA10 at checkout and enjoy 10% off of all purchases. Happy Holidays! ps- I’m loving my neat-o’s and the deer valley style chili my husband made me for dinner tonight via your site!

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