So much to be excited about today!  It’s Friday, hooray! and it’s a 3-day weekend.  Yippee!  And…I have a few more favorites to share.  Have a good one!

Linen bowl covers

Ambatalia Linen Bowl Covers

As you know, I try to avoid plastic like the plague, which is why I was ecstatic when Jenni Kayne gave me these beautiful linen bowl covers made by Ambatalia.  No more plastic wrap to cover last night’s leftovers!  Each cover is made with 100% unbleached linen, lined with organic cotton, and contains a rim of elastic that allows the covers to fit snugly over bowls or dishes.  There are 5 sizes to a set, the largest being big enough to fit over a standard pie plate and the smallest perfect for mini prep bowls.  Chic and you’re saving the environment.  I think these would make such a great hostess gift!  Available at Jenni Kayne’s stores in West Hollywood, Brentwood and Montecito, California.


Shiva Rose Face Oil

Shiva Rose Face Oil

This wonderful face oil is made by my friend Shiva Rose, one of the loveliest ladies I know.  She is a true beauty inside and out and shares my passion for all things natural and clean.  I am very picky about what I put on my face, so I don’t recommend products lightly.  I have ordered and re-ordered Shiva’s face oil 3 times!  The oil is made with a combination of organic oils including jojoba, rose hip, and kukui nut and is toxin-free.  It also has Vitamin E in it, which is my secret weapon when it comes to my face.   This handmade oil is very soothing to the skin and reduces inflammation.  I put it on every morning after my shower to start my day with glowing skin.  It also smells like a dream.  You can get this oil on Shiva’s website, target=”_blank”the Local Rose. $85


Therabee Culinary Honey

Therabee Culinary Honey

I have seen and bought different flavors of honey.  There’s a lady at my farmers market who sells the best raw honeys produced by bees which pollinate orange trees, avocado trees, wildflowers, sage and others.  Each honey has a slightly distinctive taste.

But until I received these culinary honeys from Therabee, I had never tasted infused honey before.  Game changer, people!  And not just infused with sweet pairings, but savory, too!  Oh, the possibilities.  These honeys are all unheated, truly raw, so they contain live, beneficial enzymes which are good for our health.

I immediately made myself my drink of the moment, a turmeric latte, and sweetened it with the Ginger + Hibiscus Honey.  Oh my stars.  Ah-mazing.  I took a little sheep yogurt and some cooked apple and topped it with some Cinnamon + Vanilla Honey.  Wow.  I’m having some friends over this weekend and I plan to use the Smoked Tomato + Thai Chile Honey on some crostini and the Ginger + Hibiscus in a few homemade Moscow mules.

Other flavors include Chipotle + Raw Cacao (is that so me or what?), Cardamom + Star Anise, Lavender + Vanilla Bean and more!  Therabee graciously offered my readers a 15% discount with the code PS2015.


Superfood spotlight: dried mulberries

dried mulberries

I have recently found a new topping to spruce up my morning oatmeal- dried mulberries!  These little berries are similar in flavor and chewiness to a dried fig.  They are an excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein, and fiber.  And, the major bonus, they contain resveratrol, which is also known as the anti-aging nutrient.  You don’t have to ask me twice to eat a few of these every day!  I found Navitas Naturals dried mulberries at Whole Foods, but they are also available on or thrive

Besides adding to warm porridge, or granola and yogurt, I found a few interesting recipes which use dried mulberries:

Mulberry Granola by Elana’s Pantry

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookie with Dried Mulberries by Food Gal

Yogurt with Sauteed Dried Fruits and Nuts by Food & Wine

Seasonal produce: Cara Cara Oranges

Cara Cara Oranges

There are so many varieties of citrus this time of year, it’s always hard to decide which is the best when I am perusing the market.  My favorite orange, the Cara Cara, is available right now and I can’t get enough of them.  Cara Cara oranges look like a standard orange from the outside.  On the inside, they have a deep pink flesh similar to a ruby grapefruit.  And, guess what’s hiding in that beautiful pink color?  Lycopene, which is the same nutrient found in tomatoes (which I’m sure you haven’t been getting too much of lately).  Lycopene may reduce the risk for certain cancers, especially prostate.  When these oranges are ripe, they are tender, juicy, and sweet-tart.  Grab some at your local market and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Some recipes which use Cara Cara oranges:

Cara Cara Oranges with Avocado and Feta by Not Without Salt

Radicchio, Cara Cara Orange and Quinoa Salad by The Year in Food

Sparkling Cider and Cara Cara Orange Punch by Martha Stewart

Honey-sweetened Cara Cara Orange Jam by Simple Bites

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  1. Your skin is AMAZING Pamela… so I’m going to try the face oil! Probably genetics… but I’m going to try it anyway : ) Thank you for the Friday Favorites – I REALLY love seeing what you recommend!

    • Oh gosh, thank you so much, Sarah! As I’m getting older :(, I notice I need more oil on my skin. Plus the scent is so dreamy!

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