My daughters just arrived home for spring break, so the five of us will be together again for a whole week!  I am over the moon, since there’s pretty much nothing that could make me happier than spending time as a family.  I do have a busy work week though – testing recipes for Clean Eating Magazine, prepping for my classes, and finishing the last round of edits on my cookbook (!) My older daughter has become quite the cook in college, so I plan on leaning on her a bit for an extra set of hands in the kitchen this week.

Here’s your dinner planner for this week:

Meatless Monday: Singapore rice noodles with tofu from Gwenyth Paltrow’s It’s All Easy cookbook (you can sub some cooked chicken for the tofu if you prefer)

Tuesday: chicken enchiladas rojas, Mexican sautéed kale

Wednesday: fish in parchment with herbs, sautéed shredded sweet potatoes (this recipe, but I’m going to leave out the apples), roasted asparagus (400 degrees with olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil + salt and pepper for 12 minutes)

Thursday: Thai steak salad (this recipe also demonstrates the perfect way to cook a grass-fed steak)

St. Patrick’s Day: split pea soup, Irish soda bread

Saturday lunch: Swiss chard frittata

Sunday: chicken with artichokes and capers, cauliflower mashed potatoes

Here’s what you can do ahead if you need to:


Prep vegetables for Singapore noodles recipe and put into resealable bags or containers

Wash cilantro for noodles, and herbs for fish

Make enchilada sauce

Wash kale, de-stem

Trim the bottoms of the asparagus and stick in a jar with an inch of water.  Refrigerate, covered with a plastic produce bag.


Make dressing for steak salad

Wash salad greens

Wash Swiss chard


Prep cauliflower into florets

Defrost frozen artichoke hearts

Salt chicken

Click here for a link to all my previous dinner planners.
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