will always be a political-free zone because #1) you likely don’t care what I think about politics and #2) it’s nice to know there’s someplace you can go to take a break from it all.  So here we are and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I still have a full-time job and a family to feed and I need to do my dinner planner today!  After I do a quick grocery run, I am going to do a little meal prep for the week, work on my book edits and then watch football while it rains like mad in LA all day long.  As if things weren’t already crazy enough out there, it’s actually raining in LA!  Have a great week!

Meatless Monday: falafel, salad with everyday salad dressing #1, roasted potatoes or whole wheat pita (I prefer potatoes, the fam loves pita)

Tuesday: chicken fajita bowls (make fajitas and serve over rice or lettuce), top with guacamole or sliced avocados

Wednesday: shrimp with tomatoes and white beans, rice or cauli-rice

Thursday: Harira (can be vegetarian or with chicken)

Friday: vegan mac and cheese with whatever vegetables (like broccoli or brussels) I have (I’ll roast or steam the veggies first and then mix into the mac and cheese before baking), big salad with almonds, radishes, celery, fennel and everyday salad dressing #2

Saturday lunch: tuna salad sandwiches or in avocado halves

Sunday: beef stew over egg noodles or cauliflower mashed potatoes (I haven’t posted my beef stew recipe, but this one from The Kitchn looks similar)

Here’s what you can prep ahead if you need to:


Soak chickpeas and make falafel mixture; soak extra and cook for harira

Make salad dressings for the week

Wash salad greens

Marinate chicken for fajitas

Prep veggies for fajitas

Soak and cook white beans for shrimp dish (or just buy canned), refrigerate

Make stock and freeze


Make vegan cheese sauce

Wash greens for salad


Here’s a link to all my previous dinner planners.

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