Grilled Steak with Tomato-Corn Salsa Recipe

I will come clean and just say I do not actually like the taste or texture of beef, so I do not eat it.  And only one of my kids likes beef, so I never make it.  And I acknowledge that cattle are harming the environment, so I don’t teach beef recipes more than once a year.  I also don’t like to yuck on anyone’s yum, and I think that high quality animal products in moderation can be part of a healthful diet.  I have noticed over the past decade that my friends and family are eating fewer animal products and in smaller quantities.  A few ounces of protein, but with more non-starchy vegetables, seems to be a trend in my community.  As always, I am here to help you cook more at home and tailor recipes to the way YOU want to eat!  I have tasted this grilled steak recipe and it is truly delicious and a crowd-pleaser!Continue reading

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe

This was originally published in January 2014, but I have been making it again on the regular and thought the website needed updated photos! 

You know what is just the worst?  Getting sick.  Life is great until you feel horrible.  I think most of us run around like maniacs until we’re so wiped out while our poor bodies are trying to tell us to slooooooow down and get some rest.  First it’s a little whisper like feeling so tired.  But we don’t listen.  Then we get a sore throat.  We don’t listen.  Then our bodies have to whack us over the head with a crazy cold and body aches until we have no other choice but to stay in bed.  A friend of mine who came down with a bad cold said to me the other day,”If I just spent a little time in bed resting when I wasn’t sick, maybe I would have stayed healthy!”  I think she’s onto something.Continue reading

Slow Cooker Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe

I can’t imagine cooking anything other than a roasted spatchcocked turkey for Thanksgiving.  It is hands-down my favorite way to prepare a whole bird (technically it is not whole because the backbone is removed, but you get the gist.) BUT, if I need to supplement with something smaller than an entire bird or I need to cook extra turkey in something other than my occupied oven, I am doing a slow cooker bone-in turkey breast.Continue reading

Grilled Lemon-Mustard-Rosemary Chicken Recipe

GREAT NEWS:  I am repeating my original “Health Cooking Made Quick and Easy” bootcamp as well as one of my most popular, “Entertaining with Ease” starting NEXT WEEK!!  My bootcamps are fun, educational, game-changing, and you have me live for 4 weeks to answer any and all questions.  Plus, people who take my bootcamps are the absolute most awesome and you will love learning with this community! Here are some discount codes to sweeten the deal:  EASY 100 for Healthy Cooking course and EWE100 for the entertaining course.  Join me live or watch the recorded class and Q&A on your own time.  You will LOVE these classes!Continue reading

Mediterranean Skillet Chicken and Rice Recipe

Photography by Victoria Wall Harris

This is probably my favorite weeknight chicken dish.  I love rice.  I love Mediterranean flavors. Sometimes I eat a couple bites of the chicken, sometimes I do chickpeas instead.  It’s fast, easy and super tasty.  I recently taught this recipe live on a zoom class and I cooked it in real time with all the participants.  It was a huge hit!Continue reading

Turkey Bolognese Spaghetti Squash Casserole Recipe

Photography by Victoria Wall Harris

If you have never been able to like spaghetti squash, let’s try again.  My husband and son are just not fans, whereas my daughters and I love it.  I think if you go into spaghetti squash expecting a pasta alternative, you’re going to be disappointed.  I never feel like I am eating spaghetti when I twirl strands of squash on my fork, whether it’s zoodles or spaghetti squash.  But I do like it for what it is.Continue reading

Pantry Staple Recipe Ideas

Hello, Friends.  I’m checking in. I hope you are all staying healthy and sane right now.  I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you all and I appreciate this community more than ever.  Thank you for your feedback, encouragement, viewership, questions, and comments.  Thank you for bringing my recipes into your kitchen and cooking them for your loved ones.  Thank you for sharing your photos of your beautiful finished dishes and cooking with your kids.  Please continue to encourage your friends and co-workers to cook healthy food at home.  When you post a recipe on social media, any recipe, it inspires your community to do the same, to cook from scratch.  You send a message that cooking nutritious food is important and doable.

I pulled together a collection of recipes that may help give you some ideas for “pantry ingredients.”  You most likely have enough food at home and don’t need to go out. Stay home.  Improvise with what you have.  I can give you suggestions for substitutions if you’re stuck.  But do stick to the foods you know keep you healthy and make you feel good.  Continue reading