Slow cooker whole chicken and stock recipe

Daughter #2 asked me the other day if I was “ever going to put that thing away?”  She was referring to my slow cooker, of course.  Not that Daughter #2 is complaining since she’s the first one to the dinner table every night and has always been the easiest one to cook for.  But she […]

Turkey Stock

Ahhhhh, the day after.  I hope you had a lovely holiday.  Ours was everything I hoped it would be — lots of happy people in the house and no major disasters in the kitchen.  The best thing I did this year was have everyone sign up for three tasks on the pre-Thanksgiving schedule.  It was […]

Vegetable stock recipe

I really think it’s worth the effort to make stock from scratch, not only because it’s more nutritious, but because homemade just tastes so much better than the one you get from a box.  Many times you can get away with using water in a soup, but using a flavorful stock will usually make it better. […]

Homemade chicken stock recipe

I am starting my first post with one of my obsessions – homemade chicken stock.  Since chicken stock is something I use quite regularly, especially during soup season, I thought it would be a good idea to get a recipe out there right off the bat. A chicken stock made from scratch is heads and […]

Turkey Pot Pie with Biscuits Recipe

Happy Almost Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but the day after Thanksgiving, I am NOT in the mood to cook.  Depending on what we have leftover, we reheat; we repurpose leftovers; or we order in and supplement with leftovers. Go get yourself a tube of refrigerated biscuits and plan on a “flexible” pot pie […]