Grilled Steak with Tomato-Corn Salsa Recipe

I will come clean and just say I do not actually like the taste or texture of beef, so I do not eat it.  And only one of my kids likes beef, so I never make it.  And I acknowledge that cattle are harming the environment, so I don’t teach beef recipes more than once a year.  I also don’t like to yuck on anyone’s yum, and I think that high quality animal products in moderation can be part of a healthful diet.  I have noticed over the past decade that my friends and family are eating fewer animal products and in smaller quantities.  A few ounces of protein, but with more non-starchy vegetables, seems to be a trend in my community.  As always, I am here to help you cook more at home and tailor recipes to the way YOU want to eat!  I have tasted this grilled steak recipe and it is truly delicious and a crowd-pleaser!Continue reading