9 Healthy Soups to Start the New Year

I’m all for a reset every now and then if I’ve gotten myself into some habits that don’t make me feel good.   I have the type of personality that can fall into habits easily, good or bad, but it can be tough for me to break them.  But I don’t plan for any special restrictive diet on January 2.  Yes, I like Prolon (a modifed fast for longevity) and Kroma (a reset), which are both very different from each other but also not “cleanses.” I think the whole idea of a “cleanse” is confusing.  Eating nutritious food is not going to “cleanse” me of past poor eating.  Sweating, going to the bathroom, and a properly functioning liver can help remove toxins from the body.  But instead, I like to start off the year eating food that brings me back to the way I like to feel.  I make a lot of soups at this time of year. I like warm food in the winter and soups are both digestible and filling.  If you’re trying to get out of holiday food mode, try soup for dinner every night for a week! These are some of my favorites and ones that you may have forgotten about:Continue reading