Organic, free-range eggs
Unsalted, cultured butter (preferably from grass-fed cows)
Pecorino-Romano cheese
Whole milk plain yogurt (try goat and sheep varieties)
Raw, unpasteurized milk (Iā€™m into it, but you have to be comfortable with the idea)
Goat milk
Miso paste, unpasteurized and naturally fermented (so many kinds, but I find the light or white to be the most versatile)
Shoyu (naturally fermented soy sauce) and Wheat-free Tamari (I love Ohsawa)
Nut butters ā€“ all in glass

  • Organic peanut butter (I like Arrowhead Mills)
  • Organic raw almond butter
  • Cashew butter

Mustard ā€“ whole grain and Dijon


Organic peas
Organic berries
Bananas for smoothies
Homemade chicken stock