Whole Grain and Almond Pulp Apple Quick Bread Recipe

whole grain apple quick bread with almond pulp | pamela salzman

I know not all of you are making your own almond milk and therefore aren't desperate for almond pulp recipes.  But believe it or not, it's one of the most common SOS's I receive in my email inbox.  "More uses for almond pulp, please!"  "I have a freezer full -- HELP!"  Believe me, I'm in the same ...

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How to Make Healthy and Delicious Summer Rolls *VIDEO*

how to make healthy and delicious summer rolls | pamela salzman

I love summer rolls -- crunchy, fresh, and flavorful all wrapped in a delicate rice paper wrapper.  Summer rolls are one of those things I never thought I could make at home.  The wrappers, the rolling, the sauce!  Not only are they way easier than I imagined, but they can be quite the nutritious ...

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how to perfectly cook gluten-free pasta

how to perfectly cook gluten-free pasta | pamela salzman

I was chatting with a few ladies in my class the other day about cooking for their gluten-free children.  Whereas it is certainly easier to find gluten-free alternatives today than it was 10 years ago, apparently cooking gluten-free pasta is still tricky for many people.  So I promised them that I ...

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crispy salt and vinegar potatoes recipe

crispy salt and vinegar potatoes | pamela salzman

Roasted potatoes are a no-brainer side dish that I can confidently place on most of my dinner menus.  Whether they’re cut into sticks, wedges or quarters, with rosemary or thyme or just with sea salt, everyone loves tender, crispy potatoes.  If I have an extra few minutes, I’ll par boil, smoosh, and ...

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Curried Chicken Salad Recipe

curried chicken salad

I'm sure you all pushed away your keyboards and ran into the kitchen to poach chicken after Monday's post, right?  Perfect!  Now let's do something healthy and delish with your chicken.  I have a recipe for the BEST curried chicken salad I have ever eaten!   Even my family, which to my chagrin ...

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How to Poach Chicken

how to poach chicken | pamela salzman

There are a few basic techniques I think are worth knowing how to do, such as scrambling eggs, cooking rice, and making a versatile salad dressing among other things.  In that category, I also include poaching chicken (if you eat chicken obviously.)  I thought this was a good time to do a refresher ...

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Grain-free Cinnamon Apple Cake Recipe

grain-free cinnamon apple cake | pamela salzman

One of the first desserts I made my boyfriend-now-husband was the Chunky Apple Walnut Cake from The Silver Palate Cookbook.  Do you remember that book?  Even though it's from 1982, I still have it on the shelf in my kitchen with more current titles.  It was probably the second cookbook I ever bought ...

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DIY Vanilla Extract and a Gifting Idea

how to make vanilla extract | pamela salzman

Is it too early to start thinking about the Christmas holidays.  Absolutely.  Do I do any of my holiday gift buying before Labor Day?  Under no circumstances.  I might have my meal plan figured out for the week, but I'm the mom on Halloween morning looking for electrical tape to try and make a Bat ...

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